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Cold Brew Concentrate (1/2 Gallon)

First time buyers please choose growler and concentrate at check out.  Cold brew is delivery and pick up only. Refill containers will need to be dropped off at our pick up location or set on your front porch upon delivery.

Cold Brew Concentrate (1/2 Gallon)

  • Description

    Locally Roasted, Brewed in house. Our Cold Brew Concentrate is made from some of our finest beans, not just your left over grounds like some other providers.  The concentrate has been steeped for 14 hours to draw some of the richest flavor profiles, it’s also lower in acid which gives it that smooth taste.  Cold brew is also rich in antioxidants because there is less heat-triggered extraction of chlorogenic acid from the coffee beans, which helps fight off disease.


    Preparation for drinking:

    The Cold Brew you purchase here is a concentrate.  Like all coffee drinks, desired flavor is a personal choice.  We recommend filling your glass 1/3 to 1/2 of Cold Brew Concentrate over ice.  Fill the rest of your glass with cold water, or top off with milk to make your favorite Cold Brew Iced Latte.  Add your favorite flavoring to make that perfect seasonal drink!