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1 Pound Flavored Coffee

Cozy Camper Coffee


Cozy Camper coffee is locally roasted in small batches for a perfect taste and we guarantee quality and freshness! We use only the very best specialty-grade coffee beans found all over the world. Flavors that you have never experienced come forward covering your palate and senses with an enjoyable experience that is highly desirable. That’s what makes us Cozy Camper!

1 Pound Flavored Coffee

  • Cozy Camper Coffee


    Butterscotch Toffee – Buttery rich toffee with a smooth finish

    Caramel Macchiato – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of caramel, vanilla & butterscotch

    Cinnamon Sugar Cookie – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of cinnamon sugar cookie

    French Vanilla – Smooth mild roast with a rich flavor of vanilla

    Hazelnut – Smooth, full bodied with a hint of hazelnut

    Highlander Grog – Smooth mild roast, with a rich flavor of caramel & Irish cream

    Swiss Chocolate Almond – A strong, smooth cup with a hint of chocolate & almonds


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