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Our Story

   She's Been Waiting 60 Years   

The Benjamin Brewer Story


Benjamin Brewer is a small business dreamed up in the minds of Benjamin “Jake” and Betsy Whisler of Greenville, WI.  It all started because of the inability to obtain quality coffee drinks at outdoor events including soccer games for their children.  Jake is a builder and a dreamer and always wanted to have his own business.  The lack of coffee convenience over a wide area seemed perfect for the concept of a mobile coffee vendor similar to a food truck.  This was the “aha” moment that sparked the internet search for an appropriate conveyance for a coffee business.  Enter the aqua and ivory 1960 Shasta camper/trailer.  Jake performed a frame up restoration to bring her back, with some modifications, to her former glory.  With the installation of the highest quality Italian espresso machines and other accoutrements, the Shasta begins her second life as the only vintage mobile coffee outlet in the state of Wisconsin.  The phenomenon that is Benjamin Brewer LLC has attracted a loyal following on Facebook witnessing the birth of the business and the restoration of the Shasta.  Jake and Betsy are dedicated to the brewing and serving of coffee and espresso according to traditional methods and producing a superior coffee experience.  Follow Jake and Betsy as they roll to an event near you, and take part in the dream that the Shasta represents.

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